Korean Martial Therapy, a healing art

Master Yun


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Korean Martial Therapy™
(KMT Techniques™)

Master of Korean Martial Therapy & Hapkido
Jae "Johnny" Kwon Yun, C.M.T.
Los Angeles

Master of Korean Martial Therapy
Daniel Cohen, C.M.T.
San Fernando Valley

    Korean Martial Therapy™ is an effective deep tissue modality, which is gentle on the practitioner.  It may be performed with the client on a table, the floor or in a chair.  The practitioner may use oils or not as they choose.  A large number of KMT techniques™ make up Korean Martial Therapy™.  These techniques include massage strokes, stretches, pressure point therapy, yum yang therapy and Korean energy work.  These may be used selectively or in any combination.


    Korean Martial Therapy™ began in Korea about 400 years ago as self-therapy stretches.  These were found useful for keeping warriors in top condition and to recover fast from injury.  The techniques were added to over time and today is associated with Hapkido.  As a martial art (the healing art), Korean Martial Therapy™ utilizes the body movement to establish balance either as an assisted therapy or as self-therapy.  In using martial arts body movement the techniques never put the practitioners body under stress (great news for the hands).  As a martial art, Korean Martial Therapy™ uses ballistic stretches, which help adjust the body to modern day stress.


    Jae “Johnny” Kwon Yun has introduced this modality to the United States.  Master Yun has studied Hapkido from the age of 13.  As an instructor of Hapkido he teaches both the fighting aspect and the healing techniques.  Everything has an opposite and healing is the other side of the martial arts normally taught in America.  The same body movements, pressure points and “gi” (Qi in Chinese) can be used to heal as well as hurt.  The difference is the intent of the practitioner.  Master Yun is adept in the art of Hwal Bop Do.  In introducing this system to the United States as Korean Martial Therapy, Master Yun hopes to bring to Americans, both for practitioners and for self-help, the techniques of Hwal Bop Do. 


    As a modality for treating injured fighters, Korean Martial Therapy offers quick treatment of injuries and pain relief.  This modality is useful as on site treatment or in the clinic or salon.  The techniques taught offer many ways to treat modern injuries such as repetitive motion syndrome, stress and muscle strains.  While American law designates the allowed practices by massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, physicians and others in health care; Hwal Bop Do crosses all of these lines as a Traditional Korean Medicine.  As a result there are levels of the KMT Techniques, which can be useful to each of these professions. 

Master Yun and Mayor Raul Moriel of Southgate, CA

For information on Korean Martial Therapy™ contact the Korean Martial Therapy Association 
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  (Left) This is a letter of gratitude sent to Master Yun, (middle & Right) Korean Traditional Medicine Charts used to determine therapy

Grand Opening Party of Master Yun's KMT and Hapkido Gym 8/8/01
The Gym is located at:
610 Harvard
Los Angeles, Ca
KMT classes are T & Th 7:00p.m. to 8:20p.m.
For classes or therapy enquire by clinking the yum-yang sign above.

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