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The home page dedicated to holistic development of MIND - BODY - SPIRIT within the environment.


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Occupational Massage Network; Improving the workplace - The On Site Occupational Massage Program is one of the few ways management can give a boost to employee physical and emotional well being while improving employee productivity and cutting insurance costs.  Make our program part of your employee benefit package.  The personal attention given to the employee tells them you care about them as individuals.  The resulting reduction in stress and repetitive motion strain and minor injuries will improve the work place morale.  Short term this will result in fewer claims.  Long term results are reduced Worker' Compensation Insurance rates. More...

Korean Martial Therapy; a healing art - Korean Martial Therapy™ is an effective deep tissue modality, which is gentle on the practitioner.  It may be performed with the client on a table, the floor or in a chair.  The practitioner may use oils or not as they choose.  A large number of KMT techniques™ make up Korean Martial Therapy™.  These techniques include massage strokes, stretches, pressure point therapy, yum yang therapy and Korean energy work.  These may be used selectively or in any combination. More...

Floratherapy; healing with plants - a holistic path to well-being - Floratherapy is the use of plants to heal. It includes Aromatherapy, Herbals, Flower Essences and many other methods of using plants from mighty trees to small fungi in various healing arts. Floratherapy is Holistic. This means that a practitioner holds to the principle that a part is only understandable in its relationship to the whole. A condition is viewed in relation to its interconnection with the body, mind and spirit. In addition, there is the environment in whic.h one exists. The environment has a profound influence on our three interconnected selves; the mind, the body and the spirit. Stress is a prime example of the effect our environment has on us. More...

Spirituality, Mentality & Sensuality; the triad of reality - Spirituality is being of the spirit. The spirit is one part of the triad forming reality. The others are mentality (being of the mind) and sensuality [being of the senses (body)]. Together these three create reality. To achieve harmony a delicate balance must be maintained. For with harmony we find contentment in unity with the universe. Here we will examine our spirituality. The other two are explored in other areas of the forest. More...

Kang Fu Travel Service - KFITS introduces the Lotus Mountain Well-being & Martial Arts Retreat. This unique retreat is located on Lotus Mountain in Ezhou city, Hubei province of the People's Republic of China. The retreat offers an introduction to Chinese culture and language in a quiet village setting. More...

My Forest Within; One Man's Holistic Journey the the physical plane. - This page is about my early years and the things I have around me now. I have explained how I got to where I am not out of vanity, but so others can find commonality in my experience with theirs. It is also so people today can understand what it was like to grow up in the second half of the twentieth century. More...

Chat Rooms - Namaste, all are welcome in respect. Please show respect for each other. If you find something offensive, speak up and politely let the speaker know. In respect please respond by discontinuing the use of words that offend. You may create your own temporary rooms. Feel free to participate in existing groups or form your own. More...

Screensavers Beyond the physical image. -  offered various screensavers representing a variety of physical images which I find stimulating and inspirational. While these images only stimulate the sense of vision, I hope you will find one that stimulates you. More...

Urban4est's Treasures of China Shop - Feel free to look around. My friends and I have gathered together many interesting items I discovered in China. Choose from the categories on the left to view the display case. The items for sale are made in China . They are crafted following Chinese tradition influenced by Feng Shui and the Chinese traditional devotion to the elements. More...

California Professional College - California Professional College is a state accredited school for vocational continuing education. The College is located near downtown Los Angeles with ample parking available. A full curriculum in massage is offered for certification. Our courses will prepare you for Los Angeles licensing as a massage therapist. Advanced level classes are offered to meet your continuing education requirement for licensing. More...

Our Garden Galley of cactus Succulents and more - Our garden is a certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat. If you have a wildlife friendly yard Or would like to have one, ... More...

My Role Models -  First let me say that my main role models throughout my life have been my Parents and next my Grandparents. I have always looked to them for advise and example. My parents believed very much in teaching by example. More...

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