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Name: Zhang Fengri
Date: 2002-04-19

The 3-year-old male presented with a history of running nose of more than 1 year.During more than 1 year pirior to that,he had been running yellow noses of a large amount. Several hospital have diagnosed Rhinitis and he had taken a lot of medcine without any improvement. So he was brought to accept Tuina massage. His face had a normal complexion,but he had a history of frequent cough and fever. He was often testy and indulged meat. His stool was dry and urine yellow. In TCM,the yellow nasal mucus is caused by heat from lung or gallbladder. Dry stool and testiness is also signals of heat symptom and meat could cause heat to spleen-stomatch. So we deduced it's a heat syndrome. Selected points:Kneading Xiaotianxin, Push-clearing Lung Metal,  Pushing-clearing Banmen, Kneading Errenshangma, Pushing-reinforcing Kidney Water, Push-clearing Tianheshui, Pushing Sihengwen, Kneading Zhongjin, Kneading Xiaohengwen, Push-withdrawing Xialiufu,etc. Twenty days later,he resumed.