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14. Irritability Purpura

Name: Ding Qiushi
Date: 1997-07-08

The 10-year-old female has a history of low-level fever,swollen and painful crura with dense bleeding points of 2 days. Her urine study result didn't showed any problems. The RF factor was negative and C-reaction Prote positive.She was diagnosed irritability purpura. Her families worried about the side effect of hormone so they brought her to Tuina massage. We deduced that her illness was caused by the original blood-heat in combination with stagnation of phlegm. So it's advisable to remove heat from blood and check upward adverse flow of qi. Selected points:Kneading Xiaotianxin, Push-clearing Lung Metal, Pushing-clearing Banmen, Kneading Errenshangma, Reverse-arc-pushing Neibagua, Pushing Sihengwen, Kneading Hegu, Pushing-reinforcing Kidney Water, Push-clearing Tianheshui,etc. The second day the fever was gone and the swollen and pain released. Five days later her swollen legs turned normal completely,but her joints of wrist,waist and neck swelled up in turn and made her felt painful while being touched. We continued Tuina massage for her and after 15 days all the symptoms disappeared. Afterwards she continued to take tuina massage for another 3 days because her diarrhea.