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Name: Tian Jiayu
Date: 2002-02-15

The 5-year-old female presented with a history of anorexia since birth.
Usually she was easy to get a cold ,a fever or a stomatitis. She didn't like sports and sigh frequently. Her stool was dry and when she was in sleep he usually freted and sweated. In TCM, anorexia is mostly caused by the retention of indigested food which results in stomatch-heat after a long course. It's advisable to clear heat and remove retention and stagnancy. Selected points:Kneading Xiaotianxin, Parting-pushing yin and yang, Kneading Yangchi, Kneading Ersanmen, Pushing-reinforcing Kidney Water, Push-clearing Tianheshui, Pushing-clearing Banmen, Reverse-arc-pushing Neibagua, Push-clearing Lung Metal, Push-withdrawing Xialiufu, Kneading Errenshangma,etc.Three days later her appitite didn't improve,we thought it might be a difficency and cold of spleen-stomach. So we adjusted our points:Pushing-reinforcing Spleen Earth, Kneading Yiwofeng, Reverse-arc-pushing Neibagua, Pushing Sihengwen, Pushing-reinforcing Kidney Water, Kneading Wailaogong, Kneading Errenshangma,etc. The second day her appitite got better,and 7 days later she recovered.