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Name: Liu Meijun
DAte: 2002-07-26

The 10-year-old female presented with a history of irretention of stool and urine of 1 month duration.In the recent half a year,she often got abdominal distension and didn't defecate in several days. Sometimes her stool came out without warning. And in the past one month she lost the feel of the stool and urine's coming completely. Hospitals could tell nothing about that. We asked her mother and learned she had a habit of engorgement and her stool smelled foul.It's a symptom of the retention of indigested food which resulted in heat of large intestine. We selected points: Kneading Xiaotianxin, Kneading Yiwofeng, Pushing-reinforcing Kidney Water, Pushing-clearing Banmen, Reverse-arc-pushing Neibagua, Pushing Sihengwen, Kneading Hegu, Kneading Errenshangma, Push-clearing Tianheshui, Push-clearing Dachang,etc. The first day she can feel her urine's coming.And four days later she recovered completely just like normal.