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23.Congenital Incontinence of Urine

Name: Chi Lina
Date: 1997-01-30

The 9-year-old female presented with a history of urine incontinence and enuresis since birth. She had never felt her urine's coming,in daytime her trousers often wetted and in night she couldn't be awaken and passed water on bed as if she was unconscious. Her mother had got a serious dysentery and had taken large amount of drugs while in the forth month of her pregnancy. When we examined we noticed a loss(2cmX2cmX2cm) in her trail bone .Her memory was not so good but her movements had no problems. We concluded that she had a failure of acquired foundation and deficiency of spleen and kidney,her marrow reserver was also deficient. It needed to tonify kidney and replenish essence,strenthen spleen to benifit wisdom.Selected points:
Pushing-reinforcing Kidney Water, Push-clearing Tianheshui, Kneading Xiaotianxin, Kneading Errenshangma, Kneading Wailaogong, Niping Qugu, Niping Shenque Pushing-reinforcing Spleen Earth, Kneading Yiwofeng ,Reverse-arc-pushing Neibagua, Pushing Sihengwen,etc. Half past 2 months she could control her urine not to wet trousers in daytime and in nights she got consious after called to pass water.