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Name:Yang Shuhan

The 13-month-old female presented with a history of styes at her right upper eyelid of 2 months. About 2 months ago she went to the 2nd Hospital of China Medical College because of persistent redness and swelling of her right eye.There was more secretion and tears appeared in it as well.Then she was diagnosised as multi-styes and took an operation.Twelve days later those styes recured and a new one appeared in her lower eyelid.Their parents brought her to our Tuina Department. She often cried in nights,felt sick and had a bad appitite. After half a month,the redness,swelling and overmuch secretion disappeared.Tears turned less.The small styes in upper eyelids were gone and the four big styes and the one in the lower eyelid turned smaller.Her appetite and sleep got better.Thirty-nine days later all the symptoms were gone.