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33.Flying with the owl

Name:Wang Changyue

The 11-year-old male presented with a history of flying with the owl of 7 years. About 7 yars ago he was found getting up at midnight and walking around in the house. He spoke something others couldn't understand ,his families couldn't woke him up. And after a period of half to several hours,he slept down anywhere. His families had to protect him behind him. Whe he woke up,he couldn't remember what he had done,but he remembered he had dreamed a lot. He often complaining swirlling,feeling ill in heart and bellyzche. He was fond of meat. In childhood he often shit after eatting. In auscultation,we found an arrhythmia, a little slow. We diagnosed his illness was caused by heat in spleen and stomach. We selected points to tuina(massage).The first night he didn't get up,the third night and the sixth night he got up for a short time. And in the latter nights he only somniloquenced in dreams and didn't fly with the owl. Twenty days later he recovered.