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5.Incapability of neck movemont

Name: Zhou Yuchen
Date: 1996-06-29

The 26-month-old male presented with a history of incapability of neck movemont of 2 months.Two months before his coming to take Tuina massage,he fell down the sliding board and when he woke up that afternoon he was found to have got a pain in his neck and his head couldn't move freely. His neck wasn't red or swollen,but was refused to be touched. When he needed to look he dared not to move his neck, he seemed droll while he had to look depending on moving his body and eyeballs. His families took him to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Chinese Medical University to take MRI scan and X-ray scan. No problems were found.The diagnosis had been unclear. After that attack he often cried. His sleep was uneasy and lessened. His appetite was bad and his stool was loose and frequent. We noticed his had a blue complexion,so we deduced his symptoms were due to a fright and cerebral concussion. Selected points:Parting-pushing yin,Kneading Xiaotianxin, Kneading Yangchi, Pushing-reinforcing Kidney Water, Kneading Errenshangma, Pushing-clearing Banmen, Push-clearing Tianheshui,etc.After 1 day of Tuina massage,his neck became a little flexible and his appitite went better. His grandparents were so excited that they couldn't help weeping. Five days later he could move his neck freely as normal. Then he was treated for another three days for confirmation.