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Name: Li Yinghua
Date: 2000-03-14

The 3-month-old male presented with a history of hydrocele in the right side of 3 months. Several days after birth he was found an accretion in right side of scrotum which became bigger and bigger after that. He often had a feebly passing water and cried at the same time. One day before he came he took a ultrasonic scan which showed hydrocele. We found him pale,thin and had an obvious abdominal distension. His mother said he vomitted frequently. So we deduced his illness was due to deficency of yang of spleen and kidney which led cold-damp into the lower part of the body. Selected points: Pushing-reinforcing Spleen Earth, Pushing-reinforcing Kidney Water, Kneading Wailaogong, Kneading Errenshangma, Kneading Xiaotianxin, Push-clearing Tianheshui, Kneading Yiwofeng, Reverse-arc-pushing Neibagua, Pushing Sihengwen,etc. After 1 week of Tuina massage his abdominal distension was gone. we adjusted the points: Kneading Xiaotianxin, Pushing-reinforcing Kidney Water, Kneading Wailaogong, Kneading Errenshangma, Pushing-reinforcing Spleen Earth, Reverse-arc-pushing Neibagua, Pushing Sihengwen, Kneading Shending,etc. Two weeks later the hydrocele disappeared and he continuedto take Tuina massage for another 4 days because of his diarrhea. Up to the present he has been well.