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Important Note: If you are not good at Bianzheng , please don't  imitate simply.  Because the situation and treatment are different for different people who get a "same" illness.
                                            Child Cases

1.Abdominal Cyst  2.Granulation at throat  3.Parotid Tumour 4.Congenital Wryneck  5.Incapability of neck movemont  
6.Hydrocele   7.Tympanitis combined with Mastoiditis   8.Inflammation around tooth    9.Festering tonsil   10.Rhinitis  
11.Cheilitis   12.Deafness   13.Effusing eczema    14.Irritability Purpura    15.Asthma  16.Pneumonia   17.Myocarditis
 18.Anorexia  19.Acutes Diarrhea  20.Hematuria   21.Urinary Obstruction   22.Irretention   23.Congenital Incontinence of Urine   24.Cerebral Palsy   25.Epilepsy   26.Weakness of neck and waist   27.Crying at night   28.Somnolence  29.Jaundice   30.Rubella combined with Myocarditis   31.Chicken Pox   32.Stye  33.Flying with the owl  34.Impediment,Hyperactivity,Night sweat,Anorexia   35.Indirect hernia   36.Enuresis,Cough,Vomitting and Diarrhea