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Chinese Child Massage for a Modern World

    I teach Tuina skill in my clinic.


A Brief Introduction to Pediatric Tuina And Myself

  Zhang Yu, born in a well-known family of TCM in Dandong City, Liaoning provine,China in 1972. Superintendent of Xiao Er Tuina Massage Health Care Clinic of Liaoyang City,Liaoning Province. TCM Tuina Senior Technician. TCM Tuina Senior Lecturer. Chinese TCM Healing Therapy and Health Care Committee Specialist. She was awarded "Special Skill Celebrity" and "Chinese Medicine divine physician". Having undertaken patrimonial TCM Xiao Er Tuina for more than 13 years. Managing more than 140 kinds of children’s illness. Having released several disquisition.Bookmaking:Chinese Xiao Er Tuina. The name of my clinic had been catalogued in the book"Cuansu of Chinese TCM Medical Institution"by Chinese State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine .


In past years, on the base of knowledge from upper generations, I got many valuable experince from practice. I summarized a new principle : “Same prescription for different diseases, same disease using different prescription”. I had healed many cases that former doctors haven’t met, or dare not take , or thought impossible. And even created quite a few miracle that western doctors couldn’t believe. In practice, I used Xiao Er Tuina for adults also and had healed many cases. That created a new field of Xiao Er Tuina. This skill had already attracted foreign massagists to come and learn Xiao Er Tuina. This promoted the international exchange of Tuina.


1. Head and the five sense organs :

Headache / Vertigo / Cerebral Concussion / Waterhead / Newborn Cerebral Hemorrhage / Sunk Fontanel / Bulging of Fontanel in Infant / Eye Dryness and  Xenophthalmia / Eye Congestion and  Pain / Eye Itching / Stye / Pteryguim in Eye / Blurring of Vision / Eyelid Inability / Strabismus / Eye Hemorrhage / Rhinitis / Epistaxis / Hypertrophy of Adenoids / Indisposition /   Globus Hystericus / Chapped Lips  and  Cheilitis / Wagging Tongue / Thrush / Oral Ulcer / Halitosis / Excessive Salivation in Children / Toothache / Inflammation around Tooth / Teeth  Hemorrhage / Swelling Gum / Tympanitis Combined with Mastoiditis / Tinnitus and Deafness / Flaccidity of Nape / Neck  Ridigity and Pain of Nape / Facial Edema

2. Respiratory system:

Common Cold / Laryngitis / Tonsillitis / Acute and Chronic or Frequent Bronchitis and Pneumonia / Asthma / Cough  

3. Digestive system :

Vomit / Tympanites / Diarrhea / Bellyache / Anorexia / Much Eatting and Easily Hungry / Hiccup / Astriction / Rectocele / Hemorrhoids / Appendicitis /  Abdominal Distension / Indigitation / Hernia / Crissum Inflammation  

4. Urinary system :

Frequency of Micturition / Urgency of Urination / Urethral Painful Swelling /  Hematuria / Turbid / Retention of Urine / Urinary Incontinence / Enuresis /  Nephrotic Syndrome / Nephritis.

5.Circulatory system

Myocarditis / Palpitation / Angina / Arrhythmia / High Blood Pressue /  Hypotensive / Anaemia 

6. Nervous system :

Affright  / Falling Sickness  / Convulsion / Walkabout Disease / Crying at Night / Paralysis  / Trigeninal Pain  /  Neurasthenic / Insomnia  /  Alogia  /  Hyperactivity  /  Impediment  / Somnolence  /  Heteroptics and Delirium

7.Dermal system :

Heat-Syndrome in Newbon / Chicken Pox / Drug Rash  / Eczema / Papular Eruption 
Urticaria / Irritability Purpura / Carbuncle and Furuncle / Newborn Flesh Stiffness  / Navel Inflammation

8. Others:

Durative Neonatal Jaundice / Long Low Fever / Spontaneous Sweating / Night Sweat / Heliosis / Arthralgia-Syndrome / Tumour / cyst / Granulation / Hydrocele  / Edema / Parotitis / Dysentery / Uterine Prolapse / Leukorrhea Diseases / Pelvic Cavity Inflammation / Hypochondriac Pain / Delayed Development / Lassitude / Metrostaxis / Mastitis / Cold Hands and Feet / Hot Hands and Feet / Lumbago / Urine and Stool Emphraxis

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Dan, from U.S.,learn my Xiao Er Tuina

Berhard,from Belgium, learn my Xiao Er Tuina




Zhang Yu and Shen Zhixiang,president of China Association Research and Development of TCM

Zhang Yu and Manager Wu Zhenmin Hongkong International Naturopathic College Ltd.


Zhang Yu was engaged expert of the committee

Zhang Yu was awarded "Special Skill


Zhang Yu attend Chinese TCM Healling Therapy and Health Care Meeting

Zhang Yu attend Chinese Folk TCM Physician Meeting in People’s Congress House



Professor Zhang Xiangrui, former Subdecanal of  China TCM Academy of Sciences,awarded Zhang Yu "Chinese Medicine divine physician"



Zhang Yu and Tian Jingfu, former deputy director general of China TCM Administer Bureau


Zhang Yu and Qi Moujia, former director general of China Food and Leechdom Intendance Bureau


Zhang Yu and Wang Enguang,chairman of research committee of China famous TCM physicians




Zhang Yu and Han Tongbiao,deputy director general of  TCM Administer Bureau of Hebei Province


Zhang Yu and Liu Wenhua, prior of Beijing Andingmen TCM Hospital


                   Zhang Yu made a speech about experience of Xiao Er Tuina at Meeting of clinic experience exchange among China famous TCM physicians

Zhang Yu attend China famous TCM physicians Meeting of clinic experience exchange in People’s Congress House