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                                                               Recent Typical Cases

1.Cerebral Palsy, strabismus,muscle atrophy

Name: Yang Yujia                                    Uploading date:2005-08-28
Date: 2005-07-01

The 5.5-year-old girl was diagnosed as Cerebral Palsy when she was 10 months. She was a low-weight baby of 2kg and got a history of asphyxia and indraft pneumonia at birth. For those reasons she stayed in hospital for 5 days. Her grandparent is intermarriage. She had taken lot of treatment of different kinds before she came to take Xiao Er Tuina. Now she has taken this therapeutics for 2 months. In order to make it clear, I draw a form to show the effect.

Before Taking Tuina

          Two months later

Eyes: She had got costant turn-in-and-down strabismus by birth,the situation of the right eye is severe,the left mild.

the situation of the right eye improved much.

Upper limbs: the muscles are strong¡Ahands are agile almost as normal child the force of limbs is much improved  
Lower limbs: her calfs and feet looked thin and pale,the muscles are atrophic. Her mother knead muscles of her cafs,supervise and urge her to do exercise,but it hadn't worked well. after 2 weeks of tuina the muscles of calfs and feet had turned plump,the skin color had turned red,(when she took tuina,her mother still kneaded  her calfs' muscles,supervise her to do exercise).After 1 month aspect of calfs and feet had turned well like normal child.Her mother was very pleased at that. 
Bend of toes: when she standed or walked her toes bend down badly. don't bend down when she stands or walks.
Standing: she can't stand straight even supported by hand. can stand straight herself for 5 seconds,and 30 seconds if she bends herself.
Standing up and squating down: ¡Gwhen squating down she can stand up by the pull of her strong arms. can squat down and stand up herself without the help of her arms or other people.
Walking: can only walk staggeringly in a gesture of bending when supporting her two hands by other people. can walk straight 200-300 metres when supporting one of her hands by other people.
Appetite: anorexia¡Aoften bellyache¡Ahalitosis. a very good appetite¡Ahalitosis has gone.
Physical force and psychosis: tired and weak,easy to cry,doing excesise is hard for her. physical force and psychosis get much better,doing excesise is easy for her now .

2.Diarrhea, rectocele after operation

Name:Pang Kaize                                      
Uploading date:2005-08-30

The 3-year-old boy presented with a history of diarrhea(1 year), rectocele(6 months) and cough(4 days). He had taken 2 operations because of his congenital anus atresia. And then he was diagnosed as huge colon for constipationand and took an operation to cut off a segment of colon of 12cm. After that he got a diarrhea, even 20-40 times one day. It became severe and severe. He sufferd from rectocele in the past 6 months. In daytime,the red recta usually prolapsed out which bleeded while passing stool. In the recent 4 days,he coughed. When he coughed,his recta bieeded
also. He looked pale and very thin. His appetite is bad. After 3 days of tuina,he passed stool only 1-2 times a day. After 4 days the cough was gone. After 5 days the recta went back and hasn't get out again. At the 8th day he began to take Buzhongyiqi Pill(Bolus for Reinforing Middle-energizer and Replenishing Qi).
He took tuina for 12 days .

3. Difficulty in emiction and passing stool after operation for protruding of back wall of urethra, vomitting, abdominal swelling                                                            
 Uploading date:2005-10-08
Name:Han xishan

The 3.5-month-old girl came to us for "difficulty in emiction and passing stool,vomitting,abdominal swelling". After birth she can't urinate and suffered from abdominal swelling. Her passing stool was normal. But she vomited. After a week of birth she was brought to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Chinese Medical University. She had stayed in that hospital for 20 days, but the diagnosis was not confirmed and her situation hadn't improved. Two days later she was brought to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Medical University and there she was diagnosed as protruding of back wall of urethra. Then he accepted an operation. After that her urinating turned better but still difficult and broke 2-3 times for every time. The urine was reddish,smelly,sometimes frequent. After operation her passing stool was a bit difficult and she passed once every 5-7 days. Stool was still sticky,green,smelly. Abdominal swelling and vomitting hadn't improved. After the first day of tuina,she passed a lot of smelly stool and abdominal swelling turned better,urine turned more and passing turned easier. After 2 days of tuina, abdominal swelling was gone and urine turned more than before. Passing urine is easy,no breaking. Urine became clear and not smelly. She took tuina for 3 days .

 Uploading date:2005-12-10
Name:Wang Jiashuo
The 7-year-old girl came to us for enuresis from she was born. Three to five times every night. She didn't know her passing in night and nobody could awoke her. When carried up she passed,but the next morning she can't remember it. She had taken TCM herbs,acupuncture and other methods,but it's no use. This girl loved cold drinks,almost had it every day. We failed in treating her by clearing damp-heat. So we chose warming and reinforcing Spleen and Stomach.then she seldom passed and could be awoke. If she was awoke at 2 clock in the night and passed once,she wouldn't wet the bed. Her appetite was also improved obviously. We treated her in that way for a month. Even she wasn't awoke at night,she only wet the bed occasionally. 

5.Tympanitis, Fever, Cough, Vomit
Name:Han Jinpeng
The 5-year-old boy came to us for "fever and otalgia". Three days before that he caught a cold, sniveled and coughed.He had taken bacteriophage but it didn't work. The night before his coming his temperature went to 39 Centigrade and he suffered from pain of double ears which was more serious on left. Out of his left ear streamed yellow secretion. He couldn't sleep due to the pangs. His appitie was bad and his spirit drooped. Sometimes he coughed,vomited and sniveled. After 2 days of tuina his otalgia was gone and his temperature turned normal. His cough and snivelling also lightened obviously. We kept massaged him for 4 more days for consolidating.

Name:He Jinqiao
The 2-year-old girl came to us for "consipation". After birth she had been feeded by milk powder. Her stool was dry,hard and difficult to pass. The head of the stool was spherical and hard. It's as thick as the adult's and it's green. She would cry because of fear whenever she passed stool. Her parents had to fill soap pieces in her anus. Yellow and soft stool had never been found. She often took greenstuff,fruit and honey dut it's no use. She liked seafood and meat ,eggs. It worked at the first day of tuina. She passed stool herself. There were a few hard globe at he head of the stool. At the forth day,disobeying our advice she took some fried fish and the next day she suffered from constipation again. Another 4 days later,the condition improved. After total 18 days of tuina,her stool had changed to yellow soft. We adviceded her not ro take seafood,meat and eggs for 3 months which could add heat to body and try to take more corn,greenstuff and fruit.