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     Floratherapy is the use of plants to heal.  It includes Aromatherapy, Herbals, Flower Essences and many other methods of using plants from mighty trees to small fungi in various healing arts.  Floratherapy is Holistic.  This means that a practitioner holds to the principle that a part is only understandable in its relationship to the whole. This means in healing that a condition is viewed in relation to its interconnection with the body, mind and spirit.  In addition, there is the environment in which one exists.  The environment has a profound influence on our three interconnected selves; the mind, the body and the spirit.  Taking a microcosmic view, and isolating the body, we still find that the systems are interdependent, the organs within systems are interdependent and the cells with in organs are interdependent and interrelate with all the systems.  This interrelationship of all things is the basis of Holism.  Resulting in the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. 

         As fellow Earthlings, the animal and plant kingdoms have developed with strong interrelationships.  One of these is the ability of man to use plants to heal himself.  Plants are able to supply vitamins, chemicals and essence that is used by the human body to achieve or maintain balance within the mind, body and spirit.  By restoring balance the plants can be used to heal injuries and illnesses affecting the body and emotions.  Many plants used by traditional healers throughout the world have been studied for their healing properties.  As a result, the chemical constituents are artificially recreated for modern medicine.  In Holism it is believed that this is not complete.  The natural plant is needed for optimal effects.  The artificial chemicals alone do not perform the same interrelationship that occurs between the plant material and man. One of the techniques of Floratherapy is Aromatherapy. 



        Aromatherapy is often misunderstood in the United States.  This is because many people understand it as smelling.  Candles, incense, bubble baths, shampoos are sold as Aromatherapy articles.  This is not because they smell good, but because they contain essential plant oils.  (to date the U.S.A. has no regulations controlling the use of the term Aromatherapy on labels.)  Essential oils are the aromatic distilled oils of plants that contain constituents beneficial to healing various complaints in animals (including but not limited to mankind)

Always remember, in using any healing elements, results vary from individual to individual.  We are all unique parts of the whole.

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