At Holistic Health Care We Offer Many Modalities (forms)
of Massage, Bodywork and Energetic Healing.

Since we are all individuals, one modality may be affective for one person and another modality affective for another individual even though they have the same condition.

Often it is beneficial to blend several .

You will also find that one Therapist may be more in tune with you than another.

We are trained and experienced in discovering with you the combination to best enhance your well-being in

Body - Mind - Spirit - Environment

Our clinic has three rooms, two with tables and one is a Japanese style tatami room for mat work such as therapeutic stretching.

One of the table rooms can be used for you and your loved one to enjoy a side by side couple's massage with two of our Therapists.

We also have chair massage in the reception area. This is excellent for quick relief of neck and shoulder pain when you don't have time for a full massage or bodywork.

You may wonder what is bodywork and how does it differ from massage.

Massage is the use of oil on the skin using various styles of hand strokes to aid circulation and stretch the fascia. It orginated in the ancient Greco-Judaic world. The word massage comes from the hebrew word mashiach  משיח meaning to anoint with oil. During the middle ages it was shunned by the Catholic church as erotic. It wasn't until the 19th century that the method used by Hippocrates regained its position as a healing art. In the U.S it is mistakenly called Swedish Massage but in Europe it is referred to as Classic Massage. Aromatherapy is part of the massage system and many recipes for oil blends are found in the bible.

Bodywork is much different as it is usually done without oil or with very little. There are many forms of bodywork, mostly originating in Asia. These use stretch, acupoints, pressure, scrapping and are based on Asian medicine that recognizes an energetic system in the body. Bodywork can be performed on a mat, in a chair or on a table. The client may be clothed or unclothed depending on the modality.  This flexibility makes it ideal for first response treatment at an accident scene and for those too modest to be comfortable  worked on unclothed. Modalities we perform of this type are KMT, Thai Massage, Acupressure, Cupping, Guasha, Reflexology, Shiatsu........ The list of modalities our therapists are skilled in is long and varied.

Recently there have been many new modalities developed that blend or reinterpret the traditional ones. Many have brought modern medical science into play to enhance the effectiveness of the traditional forms.

This I have done in creating
Enlightened Therapeutic Touch. I utilize the stretch, leverage, pressure & energetic techniques of Asian modalities such as KMT & Thai Massage with modern scientific anatomy and physiology.

What does this mean for You!
It means we are here to facilitate your bodies innate ability to be healthy and recover from trauma. Our Therapists will help you to improve your state of wellbeing. Whether you are suffering from life's stresses, have an injury, recovering from surgery or chemo, have emotional issues, we are here for you.