Acupuncture   (Scheduled by appointment) first visit $120.00    follow up $80.00
Therapeutic Massage 1 hour                     $70.00
    (includes Lymphatic Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Korean Martial Therapy 1/2 hour                   $40.00
    and a variety of other modalities)  90 minutes                 $100.00
Couples Massage    1 hour side by side + 10 minutes
                                  quite time
How often do you really relax together?                          $130
Pregnancy & Post Partum Massages 1 hour                     $100
Child Massage (under 16 years of age w/ parental approval)  40 minutes                $50

Aromatherapy oils used in any therapies without additional charge

Aromatherapy Consultation  & custom blend creation                            $35.00 
Cupping Add to any massage 1 hour or more    $15.00
Guasha Scraping Add to any massage 1 hour or more    $15.00
Ear Candling Do one ear or both              $35.00/ear

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