Do you have sinus problems? Ever get stuffed up from Allergies,  Cold or Flu?  Tired of being dried out or drowsy from medications?

The answer for myself, family and friends has been the neti pot. A device and system of Yoga cleansing.  Regular flushing of the sinuses during allergy season greatly reduces the reactions.

I rely on my neti pot to keep my sinuses open during colds and flu. Imagine no problem breathing!

I tried several pots before finding this one from 

It is easy to keep clean and sanitary because the pot is made of stainless steel.

The large sized pot makes it possible to flush from both sides without refilling!

The packaged salt is already premeasured to mix one pot full!

I feel confident from my own experience to recommend the products from

Alternative medicine begins with good sanitation. Learn how to cleanse your sinuses for better health. Place order here!



Ramacharaka a.k.a. William W. Atkinson has introduced generations of English speakers since 1900 to Yoga. His books are among the best known yet the story of Ramacharaka is still largely a mystery. I found the books in a New York Used Book Store when I was 14. Since then Yoga has influenced my life. The great beauty of Yoga, as I see it, is that you can take from it as much as you need or are ready for. Exercises, Health Guides, Way of Life, Philosophy, Religion; Yoga is all of these and more.

I wish to thank Ananda for researching the identity of Ramacharaka. I am sure many have wondered.